Exploring the Stories of The State Newspaper

The State Newspaper, based in Columbia, South Carolina, is a daily publication covering a wide range of topics, including news, politics, sports, crime, local business, and the economy. It is the second-largest newspaper in South Carolina, following The Post and Courier, in terms of circulation. For the latest news and updates from Columbia and the Midlands region, you can visit their website.

The McClatchy Company, the owner and distributor of The State Newspaper, is a privately held American publishing company headquartered in Sacramento, California. It operates 29 daily newspapers across fourteen states and boasts an average weekday circulation of 1.6 million and a Sunday circulation of 2.4 million. In August 2020, the company was acquired by hedge fund Chatham Asset Management following approval by a bankruptcy court.

Some notable newspapers owned by the McClatchy Company include The Miami Herald in Miami, Florida; The Kansas City Star in Kansas City, Missouri; The Sacramento Bee in Sacramento, California; The Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, North Carolina; and The News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The company was founded by James McClatchy, who took over as editor of The Daily Bee in Sacramento in 1857. It evolved into McClatchy Newspapers, expanding with the establishment of the Fresno Bee in 1922 and the acquisition of the Modesto Bee in 1924.

The Miami Herald, one of McClatchy’s newspapers, was originally founded in 1903 as the Miami Evening Record and later rebranded as The Miami Herald in 1910. Over the years, it has earned 24 Pulitzer Prizes for its journalism. Despite facing challenges during the Great Depression, the State Newspaper has remained a prominent source of news and information in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties, covering a wide range of topics, including news, sports, entertainment, business, and current events.

Its top competitors are:

  1. Gannett: An American mass media holding company that operates as a publishing, marketing, and broadcasting company 12.
  2. Scripps: An American broadcasting company that operates television stations and radio stations 12.
  3. Lee Enterprises: A publicly traded American media company that publishes newspapers, magazines, and digital products in 77 markets in 26 states 12.

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